Recover deleted messages & photo download-WAMR
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Recover deleted messages & photo download-WAMR

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With UNDELETE you can also retrieve text messages and images.

How to UNDELETE works
In summary, UNDELETE works by simply reading the notifications, once you read a Facebook message or a WhatsApp message remember it and if it detects that the message has been deleted, it notifies you about that message! Pretty good, huh?

💬 View deleted messages for Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
🖼️ View deleted images
💯 Supports more than 100 applications
😍 Modern UI

There are certain cases in which UNDELETE might not be able to catch deleted messages from WhatsApp or Facebook!
If you are disconnected or have a bad Internet connection, the received media can be deleted before your phone downloads it, in that case, UNDELETE will not be able to recover the file.
It is strongly recommended that you enable automatic download in Settings -> Data usage and storage. If WiFi is turned off, some multimedia files may not be downloaded due to download settings.


UNDELETE is a standalone application and is not affiliated with any third party, including Whatsapp inc.
Use the permission to access notifications provided by users to keep track of their notification history and have them view deleted WhatsApp messages. Users have full control of allowing or denying permissions.

The names used in this description are for demonstration purposes. All names are copyrighted by their owners, as WhatsApp is copyrighted by WhatsApp Inc.

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